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Christian Bradley West, aka The Country Clairvoyant, has been serving up country fried kundalini and doing hillbilly hoodoo and hocus pocus for over twenty years. He is what many would call a psychic medium, but prefers the term Intuitive Luminary. There is a consciousness that binds us all. Christian calls it Source. It’s not a person, place, or thing, but is energy and information that pervades every particle of the Cosmos. Christian tunes into this Cosmic force to help people in their day to day lives. He doesn’t consider himself a teacher, but instead is a reminder, reminding you of your value here on the planet at this critical time in humanity’s evolution. You came here with an important mission and it’s time to fulfill it.


Christian grew up in the South with a deep connection to nature and an awareness of spirits, angels, faeries, and all forms of supernatural, synchronistic happenings. These experiences informed his development, but he doesn’t focus on them. Instead he is interested in the truth of the present moment, because the eternal now is all there ever is and all there ever will be.


He is a writer, artist, and comedian. From his perspective, being serious is a plague on humanity and acting like a serious grownup is in direct opposition to being a mature spiritual adult. The remedy? Humor. He says, “The only way out is through, and I mean through humor.” And because of this, he walks the line between the sublime and the ridiculous. If you get a reading with him, get ready to laugh.


His first series of books will be out in the next year and he is currently working on producing more art.


"Christian immediately puts you at ease and feels like an old friend you're reconnecting with. His style is straight to the point with clear, concise insights."




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