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Need Clairty? Then this is for you. Quantum Physicists have discovered that all matter is made up of the same quantum particles. And these particles are affected by our perceptions. This confirms the Law of Resonance; basically what you think and feel creates your reality. This reading is a general reading that identifies the behaviors, beliefs, and habits that are standing between you and your clarity, your full expression, your purpose.

Many people today are suffering. They suffer because they are unconsciously blocking their expression in some way. You did not come here to be miserable. You came here to enjoy your life. Through humor and honesty this reading assists you in alchemizing your perceived blocks so that you can express your soul in the most healthy, beautiful way possible.


Christian reminds you that you already possess the tools needed to create the life you want. At the end of each reading you get homework—there’s always homework. It’s usually simple like journaling or a meditation, it might even be exercise. Whatever the outcome,  your crown chakra will be lit, and you'll feel lifted and capable of creating the life you want in a more joyous, peaceful way.

1 hour  /   $85

Getting Clarity aka Clearing the Nitty-Gritty/Bullshit



Below are descriptions of the readings offered. Each are done over the phone and are an hourlong session. All scheduling times are Eastern. If you have any questions or need to schedule a time outside what's listed on the calendar, please don't hesitate to contact Christian.


Relationships aka Dealing

with People

1 hour  /   $85

Choosing to be in an intimate relationship is probably one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences we can have on this planet. It can also be one of the most miserable experiences if you or your partner is not conscious. For a relationship to thrive, each individual must honor themselves and their own expression first. Honesty creates intimacy, so you must be as honest with yourself as possible. 


This reading examines opportunities for consciousness that come from the relationship experience and will address any concerns you have. Christian is well-versed in relationship dynamics and what ultimately creates a stable, loving relationship. He will help you identify the blocks preventing deeper intimacy in your life. He also can help you gain perspective if a relationship has ended and how to grow and evolve from the grief of such a loss.


1 hour  /   $85

Every human is born with an intuitive and empathic nature. And more and more people are recognizing that they possess the talents that come with that nature. However, when you start to uncontrollably pick up on other people's feels, it can feel like you’ve been thrown into the ocean without knowing how to swim. Christian will help you put floaties on and teach you how to swim. He will discuss some tools and tenets that will assist you in maneuvering this world of feely feels and third eye awareness.


Multiples aka Sometimes You Need More Than One Read

3 hours  /   $230

Christian's readings are also cheerleading sessions, and who doesn't want a cheerleading session whenever they need one? Practice makes living in presence and on purpose that much easier. So if you purchase three readings at once, you get a 10% discount. And Christian will compassionately help you continue to address your needs as a client at a discounted rate. Or if you want one long session, this is the one for you. You decide. Either way you get 3 hours.