Your Word is Your Wand: Hone the Magical Power of Your Words, Break the Curse of Your Conditioning, and Become a Word Witch


When: Sunday, June 27,  2-3:30 pm eastern

Where: ZOOM

Bring: Your Most Magical, Amazing Self


Words cast spells, that’s why they call it spelling. Every creative act begins with a thought, and you are a creative being with the power to transform your world with your words.


In this 90-minute class you’ll learn how to use your words to empower and cultivate a healthy perspective by rewriting unhealthy narratives. We’ll address what has been traditionally called the ego or inner critic, your conditioned limiting beliefs, how words affect your emotional states, and how to reparent yourself. Each section of the class is designed to build on the last and offers you another layer that supports you in casting spells, so you can embody that Word Witch with grace and gratitude.


And for Astrology lovers, we’ll briefly discuss Mercury placements and their relationship to how you communicate. (This is its own class, but it’ll be fun to give it a glance.)


No matter your religion, sexuality, gender, or background Your Word is Your Wand is for Everyone. This class provides a safe space for you to explore those vulnerable places, those places where trauma may still be active, and provides tools to soothe and strengthen your inner world.


A few days before the class you’ll receive a workbook. And there will be homework because practice makes practical. Think of this as personal training for your soul. The class will be held on Zoom on the date and time stated above. There will be a 5 min break at the 45 minute mark and a Q/A during the last 10 minutes. And in case you can’t attend the live class, I will record it and a link will be posted.


Now the legal stuff I have to say:


All deposits made are non-refundable. Please schedule consciously and ask any questions before purchasing the course. (You can email me here: Name of the course originates from Florence Scovel Schinn's magical book Your Word is Your Wand, which is now in public domain. But all Course content is Course creator's. And Course creator (That’s me!) owns or has permission to use all copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property within the course and on any third-party websites that company may use to deliver the course. Student must receive Course creator's written permission before using any of the course content for Student's commercial use or before sharing it with others. By taking the Course you agree to keep all materials and discussions strictly confidential. I deeply appreciate your respect and reverence for these requests. Now let’s go hone the magical power of the word, break the curse of your conditioning, and become that Word Witch.


Your Word is Your Wand