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Download Mr Mrs Smith Full Movie (Updated 2022)




The film was released on May 4, 2005, by 20th Century Fox and grossed over $362 million worldwide. Mr. & Mrs. Smith is a black comedy about a married couple (Pitt and Jolie) who learn that their sex life is dead. They are forced to plot a getaway to a villa in Italy for a romantic vacation—in order to keep their marriage alive. When Pitt's character, a millionaire investor, discovers that his wife has cheated on him and discovered her having an affair with her husband, he gets depressed and asks to be put in the country's top-secret facility for people with mental problems. Jolie's character, a workaholic and busy mother, convinces him that he would be better off in the institution. The film also stars Sam Neill, as a psychologist who specializes in treating sex and love addictions. The film has received generally mixed reviews from critics. The main criticism was that the film is not romantic enough, but others praise the performances and the story, with special attention for the chemistry between Pitt and Jolie. Plot In New York City, Phil and Elizabeth Smith are happily married and have a successful life. He is a millionaire hedge fund manager and she is a housewife and a stay-at-home mom. Their life becomes boring, however. Phil does not have much time for his wife, and Elizabeth is busy with her career as a corporate marketing manager. They have stopped having sex and the couple have begun to argue. Phil develops an affliction of hoarding, and begins collecting thousands of dollars' worth of American currency. Elizabeth is depressed and has recently broken off her relationship with her boss, to whom she is attracted. She gets a job as a sales rep for a men's fashion company called Triumph and feels that she is failing at this new job and at love. Meanwhile, Phil's dad (played by Bill Pullman) announces that he is dying and they are going to Switzerland for a holiday. At the airport, Phil and Elizabeth meet and they fall in love. She is surprised and happy to see Phil and this changes their relationship. They travel to a small mountain resort. The night of their arrival, they have sex and it revitalizes their relationship. At a dinner party the next night, a psychiatrist reveals to Phil that his father has an obsessive compulsive disorder. He calls himself "Dr. Jones" and has a special treatment center in Switzerland. Dr. Jones




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Download Mr Mrs Smith Full Movie (Updated 2022)

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